Virtual reality a new way of visiting the world.

New Technologies applied to TOURISM.

The current situation in the world, thanks to the coronavirus, has highlighted the importance of providing services, many of them essential. Therefore, businesses and companies that do not go hand in hand with technology are going to stop being competitive. This means that the technological offer has a great future ahead of it, making this an increasingly strong sector.

For this reason, for our part, we have proposed to develop a series of ideas that will help the sectors most affected. This is how from our company we decided to expand our offer of virtual and augmented reality services worldwide, focusing mainly on tourism products, this industry being one of the most affected today.

And this is where virtual reality becomes an experiential tool that turns the tourism business upside down, expanding horizons, putting each tourist destination just a click away. We travel to Africa and we find a world full of possibilities where the market and people increasingly demand to be seen and visited by foreign tourists, who above all now are looking for new and unique things, and what better way than Africa to show us the new tourist. paths, virtual and face-to-face.

Virtual Reality

Africa Virtual Reality


Among the main tourism players is Ghana as a tourism business model that mixes digital advertising on social networks, new technologies, implementing innovative tools such as Virtual Reality, 360 Tours and 360 Photos, as a way to attract foreign tourists, mixing technology and nature wild. , making this a new way of making a tourist offer; showing its spaces, its culture and its people like no one has ever done.

Who said that innovative things can be done in the middle of the crisis?

We are going to Africa. We are going to Ghana.

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